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QDX-430 Multiple Light Source Infrared & UV Portable Compact Document Viewer. Ideal for Document

Checks, Forgery Detection, and Border Security. Tough & Robust Construction. Top Quality British Made 

The QDX-430 has been designed to meet the demand for a very low cost portable infrared Questioned Document Examination System for the authentication of travel documents at border crossings, immigration control desks and in mobile police operations. Further uses are at scene of crime, in banks, at check-in desks or in any situation where the authenticity of documents may be in doubt. Using the non-destructive techniques of infrared absorption and luminescence, the QDX-430 is a powerful tool for the detection of fraudulent documents of all kinds. With counterfeiting and forgery continuing to be a major criminal activity, the QDX-430 will prove invaluable to many regulatory authorities. Available with an optional carrying case which allows complete portability and remote field operations, the QDX-430 may now be used in roadside operations when installed in vehicles.


  • Blue/Green : A 75 watt dichroic reflector lamp with heat and IR cut-off filters provides an intense cool beam for infrared luminescence excitation
  • Infrared/Visible : Two 5 watt tungsten-halogen lamps behind diffusing windows give very even illumination for infrared reflection studies
  • Ultraviolet : A new 9 watt compact long wave (365nm) black light lamp for visible luminescence and for highlighting chemical and mechanical erasures.
  • TransmissionA 5 watt quartz halogen lamp mounted behind a diffusing screen below the working area for the examination of transmissive security features such as watermarks, security strips and perfect resolution printing
  • ObliqueA 20 watt dichroic reflector lamp mounted at the rear of the working area to produce a parallel beam for the examination of dry embossing stamps, indented writing and mechanical erasures


  • An external 230mm (diagonal) high resolution monochrome monitor. May be positioned on either side of the optical unit. Contrast and brightness controls. Weight 5.5kg, 223(w) x 225(h) x 262(d) mm.


  • An interline CCD (1/3) electronic iris camera, 500(h) x 582(v) pixels. CCIR standard 1 volt pp video output may be interfaced to a video printer for permanent records or linked to a PC for archiving


  • Visible IR cut off, Red 600nm. IR1 720nm, IR2 790nm. Mounted on a manual filter wheel with filter selection engraved on wheel


  • A fixed focal length (16mm), F1.4 with a front panel fine focus adjustment control. Image size 43(h) x 35(v) mm. Focus achievable up to 70 mm from the base


  • Comprehensive Facilities
  • Extremely comapct and portable
  • High quality construction
  • High output lamps
  • Designed for the professional


  • Border Control - passport examination
  • Banking - counterfeit currency & cheque fraud
  • Police - scene of crime
  • Social Security - identification documents
  • Airlines - inadmissable passengers
  • Criminology - document examination

SPECIFICATIONS (with monitor) :

  • Size : 354mm (w) x 272mm (d) x 324mm (h) 
  • Weight : 15.5 kgs
  • Power : 110/220/240 volts AC.


ACO Electronics
Product Code

QDX-430 Compact Portable Infrared Document Examination System - Forgery Detection, Border Security

Product Code QDX-430

ACO QDX-430 Compact Portable Infrared Document Examination System - Forgery Detection, Border Security