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Mini-QDX Multiple Light Source Infrared & UV Portable Compact Document Viewer. Ideal for Document

Checks, Forgery Detection, and Border Security. Tough & Robust Construction. Top Quality British Made 

The mini-QDX is a compact Infrared Document Examination System for the inspection of security documents in areas where space is limited, such as at immigration control desks or where portability is essential, such as on mobile patrols. With six light sources, a colour camera and monitor and a motorised zoom lens, the mini-QDX has all the features of larger systems, but in a very compact package and at a fraction of the cost. For countries with illegal immigration problems, the mini-QDX will prove an invaluable tool in detecting falsified and counterfeit travel documents at border crossings, either at static control points or in mobile operations. The standard mini-QDX is supplied with a universal external power supply, but it may be powered from any external 12 volt dc source, such as a vehicle battery. Where portability is required the mini-QDX can be supplied with a padded carrying case.


  • Infrared/Visible:6 x 1.3 watt T6.2 lamps arranged to give even illumination over the working area.
  • Infrared Fluorescence: : A single 20watt tungsten halogen lamp with heat and IR blocking filters for infrared fluorescence work..
  • Ultraviolet :  A single compact 9 watt 365nm (long wave) lamp for visible fluorescence work and the examination of invisible security safeguards
  • Transmission12 x 1.3 watt T6.2 lamps mounted behind a diffusing window for the examination of transmissive security features such as watermarks and perfect resolution printing.
  • ObliqueAn array of five high intensity white LED lamps mounted at the rear of the working area produce low level glancing illumination for the examination of indented writing, dry stamps and erasures.
  • Retroreflective : A 5 watt tungsten halogen reflector lamp mounted to give coaxial illumination for the examination of retroreflective security laminates.


  • A 8.4 inch (diagonal) LCD monitor mounted at the rear of the Mini-QDX. Position adjustable to suit the operator. The monitor folds flat ontop of the mini-QDX for transport.


  • 1/3 inch Inter-line colour CCD camera with visible and infrared sensitivity (400 -1100nm range). Electronic iris, 752 x 582 lines 437,664 pixels. PAL standard TV system, but NTSC available to order.


  • Visible 400-700 nm - Blue longpass 435nm - Orange longpass 570nm - Red longpass 610nm - IR 1 longpass 715nm - IR2 longpass 780nm. The filters are mounted in a manual filter wheel with a rotary control at the right side of the mini-QDX.


  • A motorised 7 x zoom lens with push button control of zoom, focus and iris. Image size: 122 (H) x 87(V) to 19.5(H) x 14(V) mm


  • A BNC socket at the rear for connection to other video equipment such as a VCR or computer video card. 1 volt p-p @ 75 ohms.


  • Unit switches to standby after approximately 10 minutes of operation if none of the lamp switches have been pressed in that period. Normal operation is resumed when any lamp switch is pressed


  • 210 mm into instrument and unrestricted width. Two neoprene removable side shrouds exclude ambient light when working on weak fluorescing inks or when using the oblique light source.


  • Comprehensive Facilities
  • Extremely comapct and portable
  • High quality construction
  • High output lamps
  • Designed for the professional
  • Optional carry case (See product code Mini-QDX Carry Bag)


  • Border Control - passport examination
  • Banking - counterfeit currency & cheque fraud
  • Police - scene of crime
  • Social Security - identification documents
  • Airlines - inadmissable passengers
  • Criminology - document examination


  • Size : 230mm (w) x 310mm (d) x 202mm (h) 
  • Weight : 6.5 kgs
  • Power : Nominal 12 volts DC at 4.5 Amps maximum. Working range 10 to 15 volts. Input via a 2.5mm jack socket (centre positive). An external switched mode power supply is supplied as standard
  • Power supply specification: Input: 100-240 volts ac at 1.8 amps Output: 12 volts dc at 5 amps


ACO Electronics
Product Code

Mini-QDX Compact Portable Infrared Document Examination System - Forgery Detection, Border Security

Product Code Mini-QDX

ACO Mini-QDX Compact Portable Infrared Document Examination System - Forgery Detection, Border Security