C-Mount Camera Adapter for Nm1 Portable Microscope

Product no.: COGXM8732

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C-Mount Camera Adapter for Nm1 Portable Microscope This allows any C-mount microscope camera to be attached to the microscope with a chip size of 0.5in or smaller.

Additional product information

Type of Magnifier Microscope C-mount Camera Adapter
Product Class Professional
Special Features None
Lens Dimensions Fits 23.2mm internal eyepiece tube.
Primary Magnification ).5X
Secondary Magnification None
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method None
Lens Material Achromatically Corrected Optical Glass
Lens Type Compound Lenses
Lamp Type None
Stand None
Options None
Screen Size NA
Working Distance NA
Brand GX Microscopes

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