Illuminated Hands-Free Magnifier 1.5X/4X 100mm Diam. with adjustable neck cord

Product no.: CO-HF1.5X4XLED

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LED Hands-Free Magnifier 1.5X/4X 100mm Diameter

Handy magnifier for reading and hobbies with adjustable neck cord.  Leaves your hands completely free to turn the page or to work with both hands.

The excellent incandescent lamp makes life even easier reducing eye strain and making everything so much clearer.

The 100mm large diameter 1.5X lens is considered to be the optimum magnificatioin for these sorts of tasks as it also ensures that there is both plenty of distance between the lens and the subject and between your eyes and the lens so you can find a comfortable and convenient working position.

Within the 100mm diameter lens it a smaller really useful higher magnification area giving 4X for those really tricky tasks.

This magnifier is battery powered and because of the low power incandescent lamp lasts for a very long time between battery changes.

Additional product information

Type of Magnifier Hands-Free, Neck Suspended, Illuminated, Bifocal
Product Class Standard
Special Features Gives a clear large magnified area, is lightweight and is supported by a neck cord and the base rests on your chest.Bifocal Lens with 2 magnifications and illuminated
Lens Dimensions 100mm Diameter
Primary Magnification 1.5X
Secondary Magnification 4X
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method None
Lens Material PMMA
Lens Type Bifocal
Lamp Type Incandescent replaceable lamp
Stand None
Options batteries (not necessarily included) 2 xAA
Screen Size NA
Working Distance not stated
Brand Cambridge Optics

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