Eschenbach TeleMED Surgical/Medical loupe 3x Binocular - Far

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Eschenbach TeleMED Surgical/Medical loupe 3x Binocular - Far

These lightweight 3X surgical/medical spectacle binoculars provide convenient hands free magnification. Extremely useful for reading and hands-free work. These spectacles have a system of two lenses in front of each eye. 


  • Coated Lens system
  • Lens diameter 23mm
  • Focusing/dioptre compensation adjusted individually for each eyepiece
  • Ocular-side additional correction is possible, e.g cylinder correction
  • Sturdy carrier frame made from glass fibre reinforced, black plastic
  • Comfortable, easily adjustable saddle bridge.
  • Supplied in a black zippered case.
  • Visual field of 160m/1.000m
  • Weight 70g

Additional product information

Type of Magnifier Spectacle Binoculars for Far Viewing
Product Class Standard/Proessional
Special Features Far Viewing, Adjustable, Binocular, Head Mounted.
Lens Dimensions 23mm
Primary Magnification 3X (Adjustable)
Secondary Magnification None
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method Individual Eyepiece
Lens Material Silicate Silicate offers outstanding optical performance, as well as a high resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. Lenses manufactured from silicate are heavier than plastic ones.
Lens Type Achromatic The combination of two lenses of different diffractive strength for chromatic aberration.
Lamp Type None
Stand None
Options Supplied with Case.
Screen Size NA
Working Distance 70cm upwards Visual Field 160m/1.000m
Brand Eschenbach

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