Eschenbach MaxDETAIL Clip Spectacle Vision Aid 2X Magnification

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Eschenbach MaxEVENT spectacle Vision Aid 2.1X Magnification

With MAXEvent, the easiest-to-fit, binocular distance system, they will be able to see indoor and outdoor events occurring in their daily lives with more crisp and clear vision! 

Eschenbach MaxDETAIL Clip spectacle Vision Aid 2X Magnification

MaxDetail Clip simply clips directly onto your everyday glasses. 2x Magnification with a comfortable working distance of 35cm. Lightweight and very comfortable.


Eschenbach has manufactured a new product that will take the effort out of all of these activities and make them as easy to do as they once were. Introducing MAXDetail Clips

These hands-free clips provide 2x magnification.


  • Supplied in a hard foam case
  • Weigh 23g
  • 2X Magnification
  • Working distance 35cm
  • For detailed work
  • Galilean clip-on system with flip-u lenses
  • PD range 62-70cm
  • Adjustable lens height (5 height settings possible)


Additional product information

Type of Magnifier Clip on Spectacle Binoculars for Detailed Viewing
Product Class Standard
Special Features Clip on
Lens Dimensions Spectacle Size
Primary Magnification 2X (Adjustable)
Secondary Magnification None
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method None
Lens Material PXM The extremely lightweight and shatterproof plastic used by Eschenbach Optik has special characteristics which provide maximum optical image quality. In combination with the Cera-Tec hard coating, PXM lenses have a level of scratch resistance similar to that of glass.
Lens Type Aspheric lenses This lens type has aspheric curves which allow a large lens diameter even with a high level of magnification and therefore a wide visual field. All aspheric reading magnifiers from Eschenbach Optik have a focusing distance of 400mm (distance of the eye to the visual image) This provides a sharp image with reading glasses which have an addition of +2.5dpt.
Lamp Type None
Stand None
Options Supplied with Case.
Screen Size NA
Working Distance 35cm
Brand Eschenbach

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