Eschenbach Magnifying Rulers 1:2x Magnification - 122 x 26mm

Eschenbach Magnifying Rulers 1:2x Magnification - 122 x 26mm

Product no.: CO-E-BAR2606

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Eschenbach Magnifying Rulers 1:2x Magnification - 122 x 26mm


On The Page Line Reader Magnifier Ideal for school children and the elderly. Bar Reading Magnifier 1:2x. A very useful reading aid that not only magnifies a line of text but also concentrates the light.

Bar Magnifiers provide strain-free viewing for reading over long periods of time. Designed for reading computer print outs and other detailed work. Useful for reading single lines of text.


Special Features: 

Completely transparent for maximum light and shadow-free viewing.  

Additional product information

Type of Magnifier Bar On-the-Page Reading Magnifier
Product Class Standard
Special Features Red guide line
Lens Dimensions 26 x 122mm Long
Primary Magnification 1:2x
Secondary Magnification None
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method None
Lens Material PXM This extremely lightweight and shatter-proof plastic used by Eschenbach Optik has special characteristics which provide maximum optical image quality. In combination with the Cera-Tec hard coating, PXM lenses have a level of scratch resistance which is similar of that to glass.
Lens Type Aspheric lenses This lens type has aspheric curves which allow a large lens diameter even with a high level of magnification and therefore a wide visual field. All aspheric reading magnifiers from Eschenbach Optik have a focusing distance of 400mm (distance of the eye to the visual image) This provides a sharp image with reading glasses which have an addition of +2.5dpt.
Lamp Type None
Stand None
Options Can also be used with the Visomax 263611 Product code CO-E-VISomax263611
Screen Size NA
Working Distance Not stated
Brand Eschenbach

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