On The Page Magnifier 1.5X with Viewing Strip

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On The Page Line Reader Magnifier Bi-Axial 1.5 & 1.1XX w with Viewing Strip Visual Tracking & Line Magnifiers An ideal reading aid specifically designed to assist those with reading difficulties due to poor eyesight, dyslexia, cataracts, age related maculopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and similar problems. Darkened areas above and below the line (approx 7mm wide reading line) reduce information to the brain, thus restricting pattern glare to a minimum. A bright highly magnified central viewing strip improves contrast, aiding saccadal eye movement. Ideal for school children and the elderly. VTM Line Readers are more suitable for children who have attained a reading age of 10 or above. Winner of "Millennium Product" status Simply slide over the page, easy-to-use, no batteries needed and portable Supplied in Blue or Red (depends on stock)

Additional product information

Type of Magnifier On-The-Page, Visual Tracking Line Reader Magnifier
Product Class Standard
Special Features Bright Central Strip reduces strain and makes easier reading without 'line-jumping'
Lens Dimensions Not Specified
Primary Magnification Bi-axial 1.5X & 1.1X
Secondary Magnification None
Other Magnifications None
Interchangeable Lenses None
Magnification Selection Method None
Lens Material PMMA
Lens Type Single
Lamp Type None
Stand None
Options None
Screen Size NA
Working Distance Not stated
Brand Coil

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