Portable Microscopes

Cambridge Optics offers one of the largest ranges of portable microscopes in the world.

A portable microscope is simply a carryable microscope that is capable of being used without mains power, many models of portable microscope in our range will fit into the palm of your hand.

There are different microscopes for different tasks each having their own range of magnifications and specific illumination characteristics.  Applications include field work, slide scanning, parasite identification in blood, examination of components, metallurgical examination, insect, mineral, pond-life and plant identification.

Almost all portable microscopes in our range can be supplied with adapters to attach cameras. Some microscopes have cameras built-in.

We have available many more portable microscopes than we show, please ask if you need something specific - we are world experts in this field.



Biological Microscopes are designed for observing slide mounted specimens at magnifications ranging from 40X to 1000X. Specimens include water droplets, blood, prepared tissue sections, insects, plant material even thin rock sections.
USB Digital

USB Digital

Cambridge Optics can provide you with any type of digital microscope you need. Our range is large and comprehensive and includes the very best brands in the business. A digital microscope is a microscope which has a camera which presents the image, usually via USB, to a display, usually on a computer.