Linen Testers

Linen testers are used not only in the textile industry but also in science and industry. These magnifiers fold up into a compact square shape easily fittn into your pocket and include a scale around the base of the stand, classically used to determine the quality of cloth.

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Linen Tester Magnifier 6X 25mm Single PRO

Product no.: CO55125

£11.00 *
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Linen Tester Magnifier Folding 5X 50mm Diam.

Product no.: CO-LT5X

£7.99 *
List Price £10.99
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3 LED Linen Tester Magnifier Folding 2.5X 107mm Diam.

Product no.: CO-LT2XLED

£19.99 *
List Price £25.00
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