Desk Clamp Magnifiers

Desk Clamp Magnifiers


G Clamp magnifiers are designed to attach to your workbench, table or desk.  They are essentially long arm bench magnifiers with a securing device.

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New SUPER-WIDE Lens, Long Reach, G-Clamp, LED Magnifier, 5 Diopter (2.25X) PLUS 20D (5X) Lens

Product no.: CO1015 LED-5D-20D-G

125.94 *
Available to order

Long Reach Desk Clamp + Lamp Magnifier 1.75X

Product no.: CO8082

29.99 *
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Large Lens, Long Reach, G-Clamp, LED Magnifier, Diffuser, Cover, 8 diopter -Top Quality Optics

Product no.: 1009 CO9005LED-8D-G

95.94 *
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Flexilens Desk Clamp Magnifier 1.7X

Product no.: COD90946

43.19 *
Available to order

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