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Checkpoint Compact Economy Document Viewer. Ideal for Document Checks, Forgery

Detection, and Border Security. Quality Tough & Robust Construction. British Made 

The most economical of the Checkpoint range, the Checkpoint Compact is a triple function document examination instrument, with an ultraviolet lamp mounted above the working area for checking UV security features, a white lamp mounted behind a diffusing window for the examination of transmissive features, and a halogen lamp mounted at the rear of the working area for the examination of dry stamps and indented or erased writing. 


  • 1 x 9 watt compact UV Longwave tube
  • 1 x 9 watt compact Cool White Lamp
  • 1 x 20 watt sealed quartz halogen lamp


  • Front panel paddle switches
  • High quality construction
  • High output lamps
  • Designed for the professional


  • Border Control - passport examination
  • Banking - counterfeit currency & cheque fraud
  • Police - scene of crime
  • Social Security - identification documents
  • Airlines - inadmissable passengers
  • Criminology - document examination


  • Size : 227mm (w) x 224mm (d) x 195mm (h) 
  • Weight : 2.7 kgs
  • Power : 230/240 volts 50 Hz


ACO Electronics
Product Code
Checkpoint Compact

Economy Compact Document Viewing System - Forgery Detection, Border Security

Product Code Checkpoint Compact

ACO Checkpoint Compact economy document viewer