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Product Description

Detectadoc-L Dual System Ultraviolet Document Viewer. Perfect for Document Verification,

Forgery Detection and Border Security. Quality Tough & Robust Construction. British Made 

A dual function mains powered Document Examination System for verifying the authenticity of security documents such as passports, identity cards, currency and driving licences. The units incorporates two 6 watt, Ultraviolet 365nm lamps mounted on a stainless steel reflector and a single 9 watt white lamp mounted behind a diffusing window for the examination of transmissive security features. The lamps are switched independently by individual switches on the right side of the unit, thus allowing both lamps to be on at the same time or either lamp to be on alone.


  • Two illumination systems, independently switchable
  • Perfect for checking transmissive security features
  • Tough and robust
  • High quality construction
  • High output lamps
  • Designed for the professional


  • Border Control - passport examination
  • Banking - counterfeit currency & cheque fraud
  • Police - scene of crime
  • Social Security - identification documents
  • Airlines - inadmissable passengers
  • Criminology - document examination


  • Size : 265 mm (w) x 170mm (d) x 145mm (h)
  • Weight : 2.5 kgs
  • Power : 115/230/240 v AC, 50 Hz
  • Lamps : 2 x 6 watt linear UV longwave tubes  + 1 x 9 watt Cool White lamp


ACO Electronics
Product Code

Dual Function UV Document Viewer - Document Verification, Security Checking, Border Control

Product Code Detectadoc-L

ACO Detectadoc- L dual system  UV document viewer 2 x 6 watts