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Checkpoint-D Multiple Light Source Compact Document Viewer. Ideal for Document Checks,

Forgery Detection, and Border Security. Quality Tough & Robust Construction. British Made 

The Checkpoint-D is a robust and cost-effective solutios for the examination of all types of security documents, such as passports and visas at air and seaports, for checking identity documents at licensing departments and for verifying identity when opening bank accounts. The small size allows easy fitting to Immigration and Customs Control Desks and they are unobtrusive in banking institutions where personal and financial documents need authenticating. The Checkpoint-D contains all the necessary light sources to check most current document security safeguards and to highlight many modes of fraudulent alteration.


  • Overhead White : A single cool white compact lamp
  • Overhead Ultraviolet : Longwave: 2 x 365nm 9 watt compact lamps
  • Transmitted : 2 x 9 watt cool white compact lamps mounted behind a sloping diffusing window
  • Oblique : 1 x 20 watt halogen lamp mounted at the rear of the working area
  • Coaxial : 1 x 20 watt halogen lamp to reveal retroreflective features


  • 3X 75mm circular magnifier which can traverse the front window localised area of 6 x magnification 
    10 x Stand Loupe with an integral scale for the examination of fine details such as microprint; stored in a clip on the top 


  • A large working area 190mm wide by 275mm deep allows for the easy examination of all types of documents. The working area is angled away from the operator so that documents can be viewed completely without the operator changing their observation position


  • The front window provides protection by blocking ultraviolet radiation


  • The lamps are controlled by three paddle switches on the front panel of the Checkpoint-D. An indicator on the front panel shows that mains power is connected and that the Checkpoint-D is ready for use.


  • Very robust to withstand tough handling
  • High quality construction
  • High output lamps
  • Convenient carrying handle. Easily removed if not required
  • Designed for the professional


  • Border Control - passport examination
  • Banking - counterfeit currency & cheque fraud
  • Police - scene of crime
  • Social Security - identification documents
  • Airlines - inadmissable passengers
  • Criminology - document examination


  • Size : 300mm (w) x 250mm (d) x 220mm (h) excluding handle
  • Weight : 4.6 kgs
  • Power : 115/230/240 volts 50/60 Hz, 100VA (specify required voltage when ordering)


ACO Electronics
Product Code

Compact UV Document Viewer Multi Function - Forgery Detection, Border Security

Product Code Checkpoint-D

ACO Checkpoint-D advanced multiple light source compact document viewer