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CO-PDVM-37 Digital Electronic Reading Aid Magnifier - Large Bright Screen magnifications up to 32X - the best we have ever seen with a large bright screen - and so simple to use

5.0-inch LCD Portable Video Digital Magnifier, Reading Aid with Dual Lens and Multiple Color Modes, Supports Photo Capture and Internal Storage.  It comes with an excellent handle which can be stowed on the underside when not in use so it will fit easily into your pocket.

Simply rest on your page and see the text magnified and select from 15 different display modes for the optimum contrast.  Magnify even bigger if you need it. 

Uniquely this device has two independent lenses, one for text and page magnification, the other allows you to take pictures of anything bigger or further away, just like a camera.

Extremely easy, lightweight and comfortable to use - significantly better than any magnifiying glass for reading text - it is really bright too!

Ideal for use when reading (at any angle or position)~ and it is wonderful for label reading in shops.

Extremely simple to use and the batteries are rechargeable and last a very long time.

* 5-inch high resolution LCD display
* 15 switchable color modes
* Dual lens supports working as magnifier and digital camera
* Internal memory supports photo capture
* An ideal aid for people with reading difficulty or visually impaired



  • Magnification Range: 4 x ~ 32x infinite amplification
  • Display: 5.0 -inch high-definition color LCD screen (800 x480)
  • Display mode: 15 modes, Full color/Black on White/White on Black/Blue on White/White on Blue etc.
  • Lens: dual lens, switchable. Micro lens for magnifying purpose; Macro lens for infinite capture (working as digital camera then)
  • Photo capture: Yes
  • Internal memory: Nand-flash, can store up to 100pcs photos
  • Storage playback: Yes
  • Video-out: to any monitor with video-in or HDMI input
  • Battery: Rechargeable & Changeable lithium battery
  • 3.5 hours continual use; 4 hour charge time; Charger included
  • Dimensions: 150 (L) x 84 (W) x 30 (H) mm
  • Weight: 250g (including battery)
  • Accessories: AC power adaptor, Video cable, Carrying case, HDMI cable, Li-ion battery, User manual


  • Peel off the plastic protection from the underside mirror/camera as well as the display on the front.  Keep the mirror window spotless!  If you see lots of marks on the image it is almost definitely because the protective plastic over the mirror area has not been removed, you are seeing marks on this cover, it is hard to see - pick away at the edge of the mirror area to unpeel.
  • To get to the battery compartment slide the hadle out first.
  • To use the handle insert the correct way up, it will not fit the wrong way round - do not try to force it.




CO Verified
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Magnification Range
Max. Lens Width/Diameter (mm)
Cambridge Optics
Product Code

CO-PDVM-37 Digital Electronic Reading Aid Magnifier - Large Bright Screen magnifications up to 32X

Product Code CO-PDVM-37

CO-PDVM-37 Digital Electronic Reading Aid Magnifier - Large Bright Screen magnifications up to 32X